Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pretty Polished

While studying for an exam tomorrow, I spent one of my many unnecessary study breaks looking aimlessly on Amazon.com.  I love Amazon but it's soo bad how easily I end up mindlessly putting items in my shopping cart because of their great price.  I took a break from studying Shakespeare to study what discounted Essie nail polishes I could find on the site and I think I did pretty well.  Essie's fall collection is amazing and in my opinion there are 2 stand-out shades: Merino Cool and Sew Psyched.  Merino Cool is like a lavender mixed with gray while Sew Psyched is a dull green.  I've seen both muted colors all over the place and can't wait to get them.

Merino Cool

Sew Psyched

Essie just came out with their winter collection and all together the colors are much richer than fall's.  I'm still into dulled shades and I'd have to say my favorite is Hot Coco.  This brown looks a lot like OPI's You Don't Know Jacques, which I love.  

Hot Coco
Aside from this year's collections, there are two regular colors I was thinking of getting.  Chinchilly and Jazz and both grayish beiges and I'm excited to wear these neutrals anytime of the year.  



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  1. can't wait to borrow whatever nail polishes you buy!