Thursday, October 7, 2010

Satchels of Gold

I'm not quite sure what Kelly Bensimon meant when she was screaming "Satchels of Gold!!" at Bethenny Frankel during a Real Housewives of NYC episode, but I do know that I loveee satchels.  Up until a couple weeks ago I was carrying a huge shoulder bag around when I went out at night and it was super annoying to carry and always got in the way when I was dancing.  Then I bought this awesome satchel at Urban Outfitters for only $38!  It fits my blackberry, ID, camera, and chap-stick perfectly.  Now I love bringing it out with me every time I go out!

I was looking at Urban online earlier and they didn't have this particular bag in stock anymore, but I found a bunch of really cute other ones to add to my collection.

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