Friday, October 22, 2010


Here at school Halloween lasts about two or three nights typically.  After much thought, I think I've finally figured out all my costumes.  First off, I knew I wanted to be Sookie Stackhouse because I'm obsessed with True Blood and vampires, to the point of it getting a little weird.  But halloween is really the only night it's acceptable to be as weird as you want so I'm going with it.  I went so far as to get the the Merlotte's tee shirt and apron on and I plan on getting some fake fang bite marks from the halloween store.  Then I'll just wear some black shorts and keds.  Can't wait.

My next idea for a costume is to be the cast of Jersey Shore with a bunch of my friends who are from New Jersey also. Everyone who's not from the east coast here assumes people from Jersey all look like Snooki and The Situation and it couldn't be farther from the truth.  So for once we'll get in on the joke and dress guido.  I'm planning on being Sammi Sweetheart so I have a tight fake leather skirt from last year's halloween and I plan on wearing lots of bronzer and something leopard-printed.  Should be interesting..

I'm trying not to go all-out for my last costume.  It'll be a weeknight and I'm not willing to spend much money either.  I was thinking I would dress up like some sort of grunge-y rocker chick.  I have a pair of black short boots and I'll probably get a black tee from wal-mart and cut it up.  Paired with some jean shorts, lots of black eyeliner, and some random accessories I think that's all I really need.

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  1. Your halloween costume ideas are good! I like the rocker chick idea best, I'm still working on putting my outfit together. Cute blog!